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Results-driven coaching tailored to get you in the best shape of your life


And how we can help you achieve your desired results

Unleash Your Potential with Trained By AJD 

No matter where you are, success is just a text away. Our elite coaching service operates seamlessly through WhatsApp, erasing the barriers of distance.

Join a global community of achievers spanning 17+ countries! We've got you covered with all the tools and guidance you need to make meaningful progress. Simply follow our expertly crafted plans with our full professional guidance and advice at your fingertips.

Stay on track with personalized accountability and flexible adjustments. Let's turn your goals into achievements, together!


Initial Consultation

Welcome Pack 20+ Page PDF File

Link To Your Own Google Sheets Document With 6+ Pages

A Loom Walkthrough Video Breakdown Of Your Pack/Plans Explaining Everything

Custom Training Programmes
Custom Diet Plans

Macronutrient Targets
Supplement Plans

Bloods Reading Analysis

Exercise Form Analysis

Daily Step Targets

Cardio Targets

PED's Protocols
Weekly Check-ins With Loom Video Feedback
24/7 Support With Us Personally


Most Importantly, RESULTS. We are result driven, result backed. Results don't lie.

EVERYTHING is fully customised to you as a genetically unique individual.


This is a 1-1 tailored service to get you to where you want to be. Whether you want to compete and become a pro or just get in shape and be happy with your physique. We cover all needs.


With already over 1000 physiques changed, you could be next. Join now, stop waiting.


Check the 'Results' page to see my client transformations.


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